Dreaming California

Hey, I'm Alisen! For the past few years, I have been Dreaming California. Originally a Florida girl, I moved to the gold coast with my husband to follow his dreams, which tended towards tech and the start-up world. Together we're taking on the state, exploring wherever and whenever we can, usually with our pup, Penelope. We love Cali so much we went on a cross-state road trip for our honeymoon, finding new areas to add to our travel log.

Some of our favorite adventures have been Fern Canyon, Napa Valley, and Muir Beach. Dog-friendly trips are also a plus, so I've got a few of those to recommend as well. And I love hearing about new places to see - so if you've got any, please let me know on Twitter so I can add them to my wish list!

There's so much to explore - let's have an adventure!