Dreaming California

The California State Parks website has great information about Big Basin State Park. It’s California’s oldest state park and has over 80 miles of old-growth and recovering redwood forests. Friends who know the park better than I do have visited waterfalls within the park, and it’s also a great place to camp. It’s very misty and green under the redwoods, and it’s good to have a map while you explore the different trails.

For our first visit, we found it challenging to keep on one trail, and at many points the trails cross and run parallel, making it confusing for newcomers. We also never got very far from the small road that runs along some of the trails at the trailheads (which was probably a good thing, since our pathfinding skills were lacking…) We had a wonderful time, and it’s a good park for checking out different plants, including some very cool moss and fungi.

Big Basin will definitely be on our list for camping spots in the future. Dogs are allowed at the campsites and in developed areas like parking lots, but you can't bring them on any of the trails in the park.