Dreaming California

I love the Exploratorium. It’s fun to go to the 21+ After Dark events, but it seems the entire population of San Francisco (and the East Bay) also love to go. The museum is enormous, with more interactive exhibits than you can explore over the course of a few trips. It’s taking us a while, but I plan to try every one of them out.

So far, my favorite thing here is the room bathed in yellow light, where you can’t tell the color of anything in the room. There are hidden messages in the wallpaper, and you can aim a dangling light at them to read what they say. Sounds weird, but it’s cool, I promise.

It’s clearly a wonderful place for kids, but my husband and I love it too, because there are great things to see and try, and it’s an easy walk from the Embarcadero Bart stop. If you’re visiting San Fransisco and want non-touristy things to do, this would be a fabulous day outing.