Dreaming California

One of the stops along our honeymoon road trip, Fern Canyon is one of the very best places I have visited in California. Parts of Jurassic Park 2: The Lost World were filmed here, and it is literally a canyon, covered in ferns. The rock walls trickle with tiny streams of water, which keep the ferns from drying up, and makes the entire valley feel like a rainforest.

On the way to the canyon, you drive along the Pacific coast, where elk sitings are frequent. We got very close - on accident - to an elk on our way into the canyon. It’s a very eerie thing, seeing a large animal so close, especially when it’s covered in seaweed and absolutely does not care if tourists are taking pictures of it with their iPhones.

I loved the clean, bright air in the canyon and the moisture from the ferns creeping up the walls. It was a beautiful trip, other-worldly and peaceful.