Dreaming California

A popular spot for dog owners in the East Bay, Point Isabel is one of our favorite places to take Penelope when we don’t have time for a long hike. It’s a beautiful, off-leash (but not fenced-in) path that runs over a small walkway to a peninsula overlooking the bay. On clear days, the Golden Gate Bridge is visible in the distance, and you can admire the city skyline while you walk your dog. It’s also a great place to watch fireworks on the 4th of July or New Years Eve, although it’s pretty chilly on the water once the sun goes down. (Welcome to the East Bay!)

There's a path along the entire park, which you can follow in a loop around the peninsula. Or, if your dog likes to frolic and chase a ball, sticks, or other dogs, there are open fields to play in and explore. Even on weekends when it’s busy (aka when every dog owner in the East Bay is there), you can usually find a clear spot to play.

By the main parking lot, there is a dog wash, Mud Puppy’s Tub and Scrub, and the Sit and Stay Cafe, so you can have a bagel and coffee while your dog has a bath! You can even bathe them yourself if you don’t want to spend the money for them to do it, but this was the only way Penny learned how to get a bath. They do a great job, and offer other services like nail trims. Good stuff!

We all love it! Penelope likes to play in the water and run, usually with a trail of dogs following her. There are dozens of gopher holes around the park, so it's heaven for dogs who are diggers. Point Isabel was essential for us when Penny was learning to be off-leash and to work on her recall skills. It's a great and easy place for her to use up some energy and for us to enjoy the view of San Francisco.